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Trademark Secrets with Peter MacLachlan

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[01:29] So what exactly is Intellectual Property?
[09:35] What are the 3 main benefits of having this protection?
[12:37] Step-by-step process of getting your trademark registered
[35:55] Can you use ™ without a registered trademark?
[38:43] The most important thing to remember when it comes to patents

As a dedicated business owner, you have to make sure you've got your back covered when it comes to your Intellectual Property.

Intellectual Property Protection For Small Businesses

Patents and trademarks are not just for big brands like Apple and Amazon. And they’re not just for product-based businesses either. But they are crucial for preserving all that hard work you've put in. 

Episode 28 of The Master Your Business podcast will guide you into the fascinating world of trademark protection and why it's a big deal for businesses, and service-based businesses too.

Get ready to hear from Peter MacLachlan of MacLachlan and Donaldson Intellectual Property Attorneys, as he unravels the mysteries behind safeguarding your Intellectual Property with trademarks (spoiler alert: every business owner needs to pay attention to this!).

Trademark protection offers security and peace of mind

Trademark protection is a step that
should be on the radar of every business right from the get-go. Take a proactive approach. By securing a trademark early in your journey, you build a solid foundation and will shield your brand against potential imitators and copycats.

To whet your appetite, below are three significant advantages of safeguarding your brand:


  • Exclusive Rights and Deterring Copycats:

A trademark grants you exclusive rights to use your distinctive mark in connection with your offerings. This legal protection becomes your shield against anyone attempting to mimic or replicate your brand. It's like an insurance policy, ensuring your brand's distinctiveness and safeguarding your competitive edge.


  • Security and Peace of Mind:

Registering your trademark brings a sense of security and peace of mind to business owners. Holding an official certificate or document proves your ownership and gives you confidence in your brand's legitimacy. If someone tries to mess with your Intellectual Property, you can take legal action to defend your brand's integrity.


  • Valuable Asset and Monetisation Opportunities:

Having a registered trademark isn't just some fancy piece of paper. It's a valuable asset, you can cash in on. You can monetise it, sell it, or license it. Just think about those big-name companies out there—their brand names and logos are worth millions in their own right.

Want to learn even more about how you can monetise your business like the big players? Listen to episode 26 with franchise expert, Tom DuFore now.

By protecting your trademark, you're creating something tangible that adds value to your business, sets you up for strategic moves, and opens doors for future financial opportunities.

To Sum It Up:

A registered trademark is like having a golden ticket to boost your business's growth and prosperity. So, make sure you understand the importance of trademark protection and take the necessary steps to keep your brand legally safeguarded. Embrace the power of trademarks, and watch your business reach new heights of success. Trust me, it's worth it.


More from Peter MacLachlan:

Peter’s tips and advice will help you safeguard your brand for years to come. Listen to the full episode for more in-depth discussions and the rest of Peter’s great tips.

For more from Peter, check out his website:

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