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Episode 29 The Master Your Business Podcast The 7 Wonders Of StoryBrand

The 7 Wonders Of StoryBrand


[02:48] What Exactly Is a StoryBrand Framework?

[03:52] The Seven Wonders of StoryBrand - Create An Unforgettable Marketing Narrative

[09:40] How Highlighting Potential Failures Can Help Your Customer Excel

[11:36] 5 Ways To Implement The StoryBrand Framework In Your Marketing

[13:57] How To Take The StoryBrand Assessment For Your Digital Marketing 

Think about every time you sit down to write some content, be it for social media, your website, a blog, a presentation, or even an email. Imagine if you were fully clear on the message you wanted to convey before you even started to think about what are you going to write.

Would that make your life and business easier?

If you've said yes, sit back and let's embark on a journey through the magical world of StoryBrand in episode 29.

Tune into the full episode wherever you listen to podcasts for 5 practical tips for implementing this framework in your marketing! This episode is absolutely jam-packed.

What is StoryBrand?

It's a seven-part strategy created by marketing expert Donald Miller. It helps businesses to clarify their message and effectively communicate that message with their customers. Think of it as a roadmap for crafting a brand story that's going to resonate with your audience and drive them to take action to do business with you.

The StoryBrand framework is based on the power of storytelling. Since the dawn of time, people have been using storytelling to communicate, entertain, educate and even inspire. And as we all know, a great story is hard to forget. 

Let's explore the Seven Wonders of StoryBrand to help you create a marketing narrative that's truly unforgettable.

Wonder #1: The Hero.

Forget being the protagonist of your own story—put your customer front and centre. They're the hero in the StoryBrand Framework. Shift your focus to understanding their needs, desires, and challenges, and position your brand as their guide to their success. Save the self-promotion for another time, because your story is all about your customers.

Wonder #2: The Problem.

Like a cake without icing, a story without a problem falls flat. Embrace the problems your customers face and show them how your service can be the solution. Addressing these problems shows you understand their pain points and positions your business as the potential solution for them.


Wonder #3: The Guide.

Your business enters the story as the guide—the one with expertise, experience, and empathy. Think about it: when you go to the dentist, you care more about their ability to get rid of your toothache than where they graduated from. Show your customers you can lead them through their journey with your unique qualities.


Wonder #4: The Plan.

A wise guide provides a clear, actionable plan. Break down your process into simple, easy-to-follow steps that make it stress-free for your customers. Keep in mind, people crave hassle-free experiences, so make it as frictionless as possible.


Wonder #5: The Call To Action.

With a plan in place, it's time to motivate your customers to take action. Use direct and compelling language that urges them to invest in your services and embark on their journey to success. Remember, sometimes people need a little nudge in the right direction.


Wonder #6: Success.

Success! Your customers achieve their desired outcomes, thanks to your guidance. Paint a vivid picture of the positive changes they can expect and describe how their lives will improve. Let them bask in the glory of their achievements.


Wonder #7: Failure.

On the flip side, show the potential negative consequences of not working with your brand. Highlight how their lives will be impacted if they don't take action. It's not about fearmongering, but rather emphasising that inaction comes with a cost. Sometimes, a gentle push away from what’s at stake is all they need to take the leap.

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