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Deirdre Martin Unleash the Power of Surveys: Your Secret Weapon for Crafting Authentic Connections

Unleash the Power of Surveys: Your Secret Weapon for Crafting Authentic Connections


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[00:00] Intro

[11:15] How Do You Make People Take Your Surveys

[18:16] The Self Talk Tips You Need To Succeed

[21:21] The Best Way You Can Nurture To Convert

Inga Fay is an authenticity strategist who focuses on helping introverted female entrepreneurs. From Alabama, Inga helps people all around the world to embrace their natural talents and unique qualities. Her goal is to empower them to create businesses they can be proud of.

With more than 19 years in direct sales, she's learned that you don't have to be outgoing to succeed. It's about blending your authentic self with your strategies and having a positive attitude. She believes that when you're connected to what you do, you naturally draw the right people to you, shining brightly and showing the way forward.

When you’re at a crossroads and wondering how to strike up a conversation or create a connection, Inga recommends using surveys. And how do you encourage survey participation? Simple – just ask. Depending on your preference, reach out in person, online, or through emails, focusing on treating people as individuals, not numbers.


Step 1: Initiating engagement with the ask


Asking is the cornerstone of survey success. Choose the method that resonates with you, whether face-to-face or virtually. By initiating conversations, you acknowledge the person behind the responses, building a relationship through human connection.


Step 2: Crafting insightful surveys for meaningful conversations


Surveys are more than checkboxes; they're windows into your audience's world. Tailor questions to uncover solutions that resonate with them. Each question allows you to align your offerings with their needs, fostering understanding.


Step 3: Building relationships through surveys


  • Cultivate a rich environment: Overcome self-talk and imposter syndrome, neutralising preconceived judgments. By cultivating an open mindset, you create an atmosphere of authenticity.


  • Connect beyond numbers: Beyond statistics, dive into your ideal client's perspective through survey questions. These insights become the foundation of rapport and trust, nurturing genuine connections.


  • Nurture for conversion: Keep potential clients engaged and feeling valued by involving them in your community. By nurturing connections, you lay the groundwork for trust and readiness to take the next step.

Surveys are not just tools; they're conduits for authentic connections. Surveys transform inquiries into meaningful interactions, starting with a simple question, evolving through understanding, and concluding with nurturing. Unveil the power of surveys and unlock the gateway to lasting relationships.

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