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deirdre martin Boost Your Sales Mojo: Master Structured Conversations With Chris James

Boost Your Sales Mojo: Master Structured Conversations With Chris James


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How to master the structured sales call that yields impressive results

[10:28] The top mistakes people make on sales calls and how to avoid them

[11:50] Why you need to unsell people in your business

[29:47] The Power of Silence: Why allowing a moment of silence can make a significant impact

In this episode, we have an incredible guest, Chris James, who specialises in helping coaches and freelancers increase their client base through organic content on Instagram and LinkedIn.

With extensive experience in B2B sales and marketing, Chris has worked with top brands like FedEx, Subway, and Jack Daniels. His mission is to empower clients to live life on their terms by leveraging their expertise and monetising their audience through multi-platform content.

This episode is all about the sales call. Chris unveils his secrets to a successful sales call and reveals the common mistakes made during them. These mistakes hold the key to unlocking sales potential like never before. By arming yourself with this knowledge, you can steer clear of those pesky pitfalls, fine-tune your approach, and ask the game-changing questions that will skyrocket your success.

And guess what? Dodging these errors means you'll deliver an unparalleled customer experience, outshine your competitors, and reap those sweet, sweet results. Get ready to ramp up your sales game.


Mistake #1: Failure to Set the Agenda

One of the most colossal blunders in sales calls is neglecting to set the agenda. Setting the agenda puts you in control of the conversation and establishes you as the expert guiding your prospects to success. Start by building rapport, then boldly declare the purpose of the call.


Mistake #2: Premature Solution Prescriptions

Picture this: prescribing a solution before diving deep into a thorough fact-finding mission. That's a recipe for disaster, my friends. Chris suggests a two-part sales call strategy: discovery and pitch. Delve into your prospect's current situation, goals, and potential hurdles. This treasure trove of insights will enable you to tailor your pitch with surgical precision. It's all about solutions grounded in a deep understanding of your prospect's needs.


Mistake #3: Insufficient Questioning

Falling short on the question front is a sales sin. Chris knows the power of relevant, thought-provoking questions that reveal pain points and motivations. Become active listeners and extract the crucial ammunition for your pitch and objection handling.


Mistake #4: Overemphasising Deliverables Instead of Outcomes

One of the most glaring errors in sales pitches is going overboard with features and deliverables while neglecting your prospect's true transformation and desired outcomes. Chris drops a truth bomb: focus on the benefits and results your prospect can achieve, not just a laundry list of features. Paint a vivid picture of the process and milestones leading them to their desired outcome. This is how you showcase the value you bring to the table and make your pitch irresistible.


In a nutshell:

Mastering the art of sales calls demands avoiding these common mistakes and embracing effective strategies. Episode 38 of the "Master Your Business" podcast is your passport to sales success. As Chris James sheds light on these key errors, you'll gain the tools to set the agenda, conduct thorough discovery, ask compelling questions, and highlight outcomes.

It's time to inject new life into your sales conversations and witness your business soar to unprecedented heights. Get out there and make it happen!

Check out the full podcast episode for the full scoop on all these strategies. Tune in to unlock your sales potential like never before.


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