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Episode 36 Designing Delight - The Ergonomic Path to Happy Clients With Niamh Pentony

Designing Delight - The Ergonomic Path to Happy Clients With Niamh Pentony



[05:53] What is Workplace Ergonomics and How Does This Affect My Business?

[09:59] Discover the Key to Maximising Customer Satisfaction and Achieving Positive Outcomes

[34:07] Unveil the Power of Ergonomic Web Design and Watch Your Online Presence Thrive

[43:15] Discover the Top Three Tips to Optimise Your Workspace and Ensure Your Well-being at Work

Episode 36 of The Master Your Business Podcast features guest expert Niamh Pentony - Ergonomist extraordinaire! Niamh is not your average expert in ergonomics and workplace well-being; she's a true champion of creating comfortable and enjoyable workspaces.

As the founder of Boyne Ergonomics, she has dedicated herself to helping individuals and organisations optimise their work environments for maximum comfort, productivity, and overall well-being.

Listen in to this enlightening conversation with Niamh as she shares her expertise on ergonomic design, the positive impact of workplace well-being, how to improve your online ergonomics so your customers benefit (yes, really!) and practical tips to make your work routine a whole lot healthier.

Hold on to your seats, folks, because we're about to give you a major sneak peek. Here are three game-changing tips that will refine, revamp and ramp up the way you approach your work environment. Are you ready? 

1. Embrace Mini Breaks: 

Say goodbye to long periods of sitting or standing! Break your work into bite-sized tasks and reward yourself with short movement breaks after completing each one. Stretch it out, take a quick stroll, or do some fun exercises to shake off stiffness, get your blood flowing, and refresh your brain.

Remember, small bursts of movement keep you energised and ready to tackle anything. Including that sales call you've been putting off! 


2. Create a Workspace Wonderland:

Your desk and chair should be your productivity partners. Make sure your desk has enough space to accommodate all your work essentials and provides a sturdy foundation. Treat yourself to a comfy chair that supports your posture and lets you adjust the height and backrest.

Invest in this if you need to. Design your workspace like a cosy haven where comfort meets efficiency, making hard work feel like a breeze!

3. Strike the Perfect Pose:

Strike a pose, but not just any pose—aim for proper positioning! Plant your hands on the desk, let your shoulders relax, and ensure your arms are parallel to the surface, never drooping. Adjust your chair height to match this perfect alignment, and if your feet dangle, bring in a footrest to save the day.

Keep your screens at eye level, so you can sit tall with your ears, shoulders, and hips in harmony. This superhero posture saves your back, reduces strain, and allows you to work more comfortably and productively.

To sum it up:

In the quest for a fulfilling and productive work life, it's crucial to prioritise your well-being and create a workspace that supports your needs. In doing so, you can enhance our productivity and overall satisfaction. Investing in your well-being not only benefits you personally but also positively impacts your interactions with clients and colleagues. Yup, and your bottom line.

So embrace these principles and design a workspace that empowers you to thrive and achieve your goals.

More from Niamh Pentony:

Enhance your work experience and pave the way for lasting success by implementing Niamh's invaluable tips and advice. Catch the full episode to dive even deeper into insightful discussions and gain access to the complete range of Niamh's expert guidance.

For more from Niamh check out his website:

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