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The Counterintuitive Success Strategy That Helps You Avoid Burnout

The Counterintuitive Success Strategy That Helps You Avoid Burnout


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[00:00] Intro

[04:13] Why getting fired isn't always the worst thing in your career

[19:07] Navigating work overload: Chris' expert tips to stay afloat

[22:38] The counterintuitive success strategy that helps you avoid burnout

[43:53] How surrounding yourself with the right people sparks remarkable change

Have you ever dreamed of a thriving solopreneurial journey, only to find yourself drowning in endless 80-hour workweeks? The pursuit of success can lead to burnout. And the fear of failing can cast a shadow over your every move.

If that’s ever been you, today is your lucky day! Expert guest Chris Croft chats about his unconventional success strategy that turbocharges your efficiency whilst safeguarding you from burnout's clutches.

Chris Croft has an Engineering background, with a master's degree from Cambridge, qualifying as a Chartered Engineer and working as a senior manager in manufacturing for 10 years. He gained an MBA and worked as a university lecturer for four years before starting his own training company 25 years ago.  


Chris runs in-person and Zoom training for companies worldwide and makes video courses in his studio. He is number 11 in the world on, and his video courses on Time Management, Project Management, and other subjects on LinkedIn Learning have 20,000 views per day and over ten million views in total.


Talk about achievements! Let’s get straight into Chris’ top tips for avoiding burnout.


1. Fueling your passion for defying burnout

Ignite the spark within and fuel the energy that propels you beyond exhaustion's grasp. Focus on activities that resonate, infusing your work with something you love. Doing this transforms work into a refreshing outlet instead of a tiresome chore. Start by aligning your journey with your deepest passions, and watch your energy take flight.


2. The power of saying no

The worry of turning down work can lead to juggling too much and a jam-packed schedule. Learn to distinguish between opportunities that fit your vision and those that drain your time and energy. As you say no to projects that don't resonate, you free yourself to concentrate on what truly matters.


3. The counterintuitive success strategy that helps you avoid burnout

Here's a surprising secret: Raising your prices is a remedy for both your workload and your success. Carefully crafted pricing not only filters out bargain-seekers but also boosts the value of what you offer. A higher price doesn't necessarily mean losing customers; it attracts clients who value your expertise. This mix of price and quality helps create a balance.


4. Test the sweet spot

Find the sweet spot. Involve a specific group of people in testing different prices, and pay close attention to how they react. Get ready for some surprises, my friend! Clients might be excited to invest more than you think. Trying this approach helps you realise your true value and brings new energy to your balance between work and life.

To finish off:

Solopreneurship doesn't have to be a journey filled with burnout frustrations. You'll experience achievement as you find a balance between growing your business and taking care of yourself. Embrace this unique path to success with a positive attitude, avoiding burnout's grasp.


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