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3 tips to make lean management meaningful for your business the master your business podcast

Why LEAN should be LEAN-ER



You're probably familiar with LEAN methodology - it's all about being efficient, cutting waste, and getting the most out of your resources. But did you know that there are two crucial elements missing from lean project management principles?

In episode 21 of The Master Your Business Podcast, we delve into how you can make LEAN, LEAN-ER by building empathy and strong relationships with your customers and team members.


Tip 1: Start with Empathy

Get to know your people! By showing empathy, you'll gain a better understanding of your customers and team members' needs, wants, and feelings. Actively listen to their feedback, and use it to make more effective and lean solutions while keeping your workplace culture positive.


Tip 2: Foster Open Communication


[05:13] No secrets here! Open and honest communication is key to building strong relationships and creating a culture of continuous improvement. Encourage your team members and customers to share their ideas, concerns, and feedback. Keep communication channels open at all levels of your company, and watch the magic happen.


Tip 3: Build Trust and Respect

Respect is a two-way street, and trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Show your team members and customers you mean business by following through on your commitments, being reliable, and treating others the way you want to be treated. You'll build trust and respect in no time, and that leads to a supportive and positive work environment that fosters growth and continuous improvement.

Six Sigma Project Management

Don't get me wrong - the LEAN management system is an excellent approach to reducing waste and increasing efficiency. But empathy and relationships are also vital components that can't be ignored. Taking the time to build empathy and strong relationships with your customers and team members is totally worth it!

So start with empathy, foster open communication, and build trust and respect. You'll make LEAN, LEAN-ER, and create a supportive and positive work environment that fosters continuous improvement and growth.

Who doesn’t want that?


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