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Episode 12 of The Master Your Business Podcast: Small Business, Big CX Impact with Women in CX Founder, Clare Muscutt

Small Business, Big CX Impact with Women in CX Founder, Clare Muscutt


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On episode 12 of the Master Your Business Podcast, I am thrilled to have Clare Muscutt, a business coach, consultant, author, and speaker, who has over 20 years of experience in various business and leadership roles, as our guest.

Clare is not only an accomplished business leader, but she's also
the founder of women in CX, an all-female startup team that created the first online membership community for women in customer experience.

Now, get ready to master your business with Clare Muscutt on this CX-focused episode.

Customer experience (CX) is a crucial aspect of any business, regardless of its size. CX encompasses every interaction you have with a business, from the first contact to post-sale follow-up.

It is a key driver of your loyalty and advocacy, which, in turn, leads to increased sales and revenue. Keep reading to explore the importance of CX for you as a small business owner or solopreneur.

Prioritising CX for Small Businesses and Solopreneurs:

When running your small business or being a solopreneur, it can be challenging to prioritise tasks as there are so many hats to wear. However, it is essential to identify what you need and focus on the key things that have to be done to get it right. In the small business world, it's all about delivering, and often that means doing it by yourself.

Understanding the Difference Between Customer Service and CX:

Many people confuse customer service with CX, but it's essential to recognise that customer service is an element of CX. Customer experience should be viewed from your customer’s point of view and involve identifying what they need to achieve or do through interacting with the business.

Then, the business must provide the most efficient, enjoyable, simplest, and easiest way of helping them to achieve their goals.

Delivering on the Brand Promise:

CX is not just one interaction; it's the sum total of all interactions that you have with the business. It encompasses the brand's promise as well as the marketing and sales promise. Delivering on the brand promise is critical to retaining you as a customer and creating brand advocates.

If a business fails to deliver on its promise, it's unlikely to retain you, and there's a high possibility that your bad experience will be shared, damaging the business's reputation and potential future sales.


Collaboration and Accountability:

As a solopreneur or small business owner, it can be challenging to deliver the best customer experience when you are juggling multiple tasks. Collaborating with others, even if they have opposing skills, can be incredibly useful.

By marking each other's work, you can help each other out and hold each other accountable. This type of collaboration is especially important for women in business as supporting each other can lead to incredible results.


Designing the Target Experience:

One common mistake that small business owners make is focusing on their digital channels and processes first, rather than on the customer experience. Instead, you should focus on understanding your customers and then like an architect, create a vision for the experience you want to deliver.

By designing a target experience first, you can then work out what processes you need and what channels to use to meet that vision.


To Conclude:

CX is critical to the success of your business
, no matter its size. As a small business owner or solopreneur, you need to define what CX means for your organisation, prioritise it, and deliver a positive customer experience. Collaboration, understanding customers, and designing a target experience are essential elements for delivering great CX.

By avoiding common mistakes and focusing on the customer, you can create a better outcome for your customers and your business.


More from Clare:

Clare’s tips and advice will teach you about how you can deliver exceptional customer experience for success as a small business or solopreneur. Listen to the full episode for the rest of her great tips. For more from Clare Muscutt, follow this link:

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