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The master your business podcast: The Art of Being Unforgettable: Crafting a Standout Brand Identity

The Art of Being Unforgettable: Crafting a Standout Brand Identity


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[0:00] Intro

[01:40] Why You Should Care More About Branding

[03:48] Don't Be A Chameleon In The Business Desert

[06:09] How to Develop A Brand Style That Resonates

[07:54] If Your Brand Was A Celebrity, Who Would It Be?

[10.24] How To Find your identity!


When I say McDonald’s, what do you think of?

The big golden arches? Ronald McDonald? …… A big mac with extra cheese?

That brand is world-renowned and stands out from all other brands within its category.

And here’s the truth: Your brand ALSO has the power to leave a lasting impression on your audience, attracting clients who resonate with your values.

When done correctly, branding acts like your silent partner, working for you 24/7, promoting your ethos, and magnetising clients who resonate with your values. In essence, it’s your first impression, and let's face it, no one forgets a bad one.

Here are 4 tips to get you started on creating a killer brand identity:

Develop a Unique Brand Personality:

To create an unforgettable brand, start by setting yourself apart from the competition. Embrace the
characteristics that make your brand unique and resonate with your target audience. Consistency is key here - being inconsistent confuses clients. Strive for a distinct and unwavering brand personality that people will either love or loathe, but never sit on the fence.

Look to Apple as an example of consistency in brand personality. Their innovative, minimalist design and premium quality are consistent across all their products, leaving a lasting impression on their customers.


Create a Memorable Visual Identity:

Visual cues play a significant role in brand recognition and recall. So use what you have! Visual elements such as
logos, colour palettes, and fonts communicate your brand's personality. Your visual choices should reflect your brand style and evoke the desired emotional response from your audience.

Take inspiration from Coca-Cola, a brand that has effectively used its bold red colour, distinctive script font, and dynamic ribbon to reflect its friendly, energetic, and timeless personality. Your visual identity extends beyond your logo; it encompasses your entire visual presence, including your website, social media profiles, and marketing materials.


Establish a Compelling Brand Voice:

Your brand voice is the
tone and manner in which your brand communicates with its audience. Imagine your brand as a person and define how it would speak. Your brand voice should align with your brand personality and resonate with your target audience. Consider the tone of voice you want your brand to have - is it formal and technical, or casual and jargon-free?

Look to LinkedIn as an example of a brand that maintains a professional yet accessible brand voice consistently. Your brand voice extends to your website copy, social media posts, and customer interactions.

Define Your Brand Identity: 

Your brand identity is the
culmination of your brand personality, style, and voice. It encompasses the overall perception and impression you want to leave on your audience. It should reflect your company's mission and values, acting as a beacon for your ideal clients.

Tesla is a great example of a brand with a strong identity that effectively conveys innovation, sustainability, and luxury to its target market. When your audience encounters your brand identity, whether it's through your website, social media profiles, or marketing materials, they should instantly feel a connection and a sense that you are what they've been looking for.


And To Conclude:

Crafting an unforgettable brand identity
goes beyond being unique—it's about being authentically you and consistently delivering on your brand promise. Follow these tips and you'll leave a lasting impression on your audience. Remember, consistency and authenticity are key to building a standout brand that resonates with your ideal clients.

So, go forth and create an unforgettable brand that keeps your audience coming back for more!

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DM me and let me know who your brand voice celebrity is!


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