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Less Is More: Why Every Business Needs a Simplicity Strategy Sarah Leather

Less Is More: Why Every Business Needs a Simplicity Strategy With Sarah Leather

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How a Mentor Can Revolutionise Your Business 

[13:39] Unveiling the Vital 80% of Your Business For Simple Success

[21:54] The Simplicity Solution: Embrace the Key to Streamlined Success 

[26:39] Surrendering and Letting the Money Flow 

[34:30] How to Silence the Chaos in Your Business 

We’ve all heard it.

Less is more. Simple is best.

But that’s easier said than done - especially when it comes to running a business - or so I thought!

In episode 32 I had the pleasure of chatting with simplicity strategist and business mentor, Sarah Leather, as she reveals the magic of keeping things simple and how it can revolutionise your business.

Prioritising your efforts and strategically allocating resources becomes a breeze when you understand this simple principle: When you nurture the vital few, you can optimise your business outcomes and achieve remarkable results.

From mindset work to strategic planning and reinvention, Sarah shares her insights in this episode and reveals the power of what she now calls the "simplicity solution."


Releasing Thoughts and Things (Releasing Ceremony):

Sarah's journey began with the profound act of decluttering, both internally and externally. From clearing her desk to letting go of sentimental items, she created space for new possibilities. Through a releasing ceremony filled with love and gratitude, she bid farewell to past attachments, making way for a fresh start.


Embracing a Seven-Figure Mindset:

Seeking to unlock her full potential, Sarah embarked on reinventing her identity. By envisioning herself as a successful woman with a thriving seven-figure business, she reframed her thoughts and actions. By filtering every decision through the lens of what a financially successful version of herself would do, Sarah finds her business is driving her towards consistent growth.


Uncovering the Deeper Why:

Recognising that success extends far beyond financial gain, Sarah delved into her deeper why. She discovered the impact she could make by supporting others and creating a ripple effect of positive change. Her journey became about becoming the kind of woman who makes an enormous contribution to the world, moving beyond the pursuit of money alone.


Cultivating a Mindset of Abundance:

Sarah knows the importance of embracing a mindset of abundance and actively seeking evidence of abundance around you contributes to progress. From finding unexpected coins to acknowledging the flow of money, immersing yourself in the belief that abundance is everywhere, will reward you.

Learning to prioritise self-care and release the addiction of constant business pursuits, nurturing a healthier and more sustainable approach is a great way to make the honeymoon period in your business last for decades.


Finding Productivity Beyond Traditional Spaces:

Recognising the need for a shift in her working environment, Sarah explored new spaces to fuel her creativity. From a comfy chair overlooking scenic views to a small makeshift desk, she discovered that non-traditional workspaces can enhance productivity and inspiration. Stepping away from her conventional office setup allowed her to tap into new realms of innovation and focus.


In A Nutshell:

Sarah's journey exemplifies the power of aligning yourself with your business. Through the simplicity solution, she found clarity, reinvented her mindset, and embraced abundance. By prioritising self-care and stepping away from the confines of a “traditional workspace”, Sarah unlocked new levels of creativity and productivity and shares tips on how you can do the same.

Sarah’s story serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs seeking to align themselves with their businesses and embrace the possibilities of growth and success.


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