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How to Read People Like a Pro With Facial Analysis Expert Joseph Maguire

How to Read People Like a Pro With Facial Analysis Expert Joseph McGuire

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Joseph McGuire is the founder of Clear Sight Communications,
a business that uses a unique and ancient Chinese tradition of reading people's faces to reveal their personalities, behaviours, communication styles, and more.

He has used his expertise to help businesses with recruitment, interviewing, negotiation, team training, and overall effective communication. Joseph strongly believes that nonverbal communication is key to building exceptional relationships, even in virtual settings.

Listen to episode 10 of the Master Your Business Podcast in full, as we cover various topics including tips for business owners on how to close a sale, how to present solutions both in person and virtually that address the customer's specific challenges, how to divorce a customer with ease and how to pay attention to your customer's body language and tone of voice which will help you achieve success.

Below is only a handful of the many tips Joseph shares in episode 10 of the Master Your Business Podcast.

Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Meetings

[5:49] Effective communication is vital in both personal and professional relationships. In today's virtual world, many service-based business owners work virtually with their teams, and nonverbal communication can be challenging in this scenario. Joseph acknowledges that not seeing the whole body is a challenge, but even in virtual meetings, the little you can see will still provide useful insights for you to utilise.

To communicate effectively in virtual meetings, it is essential to have a clear image, with good lighting and sound quality. Additionally, dressing professionally, making eye contact with the camera, avoiding distractions, not using too many hand gestures, and using facial expressions to communicate is crucial. By being mindful of these limited visual cues, businesses can communicate much more effectively in virtual meetings with clients.

Delivering an Effective Sales Pitch

[19:21] When it comes to delivering a sales pitch, both virtually and in person, there are a few key things to keep in mind to ensure that you come across as professional and effective.

Active listening is crucial. Draw out the client's needs, wants, and motivations and understand their challenges and issues. Be prepared with researched questions in advance to show that you have a better understanding of the client's situation. Focus on the benefits that your solution can provide to the client and avoid discussing irrelevant details during the pitch.

During a virtual pitch, it's important to focus on the camera and maintain good posture, and speak clearly and at an appropriate pace. In person, be mindful of your tone and pace and use gestures to emphasise key points. With attention to nonverbal cues and effective communication strategies, you can deliver a professional and effective sales pitch both virtually and in person.

Divorcing a Customer

[30:03] Not all customers are a perfect match for your products or services, and sometimes, it's necessary to "divorce" a customer to maintain the integrity of your business and avoid wasting time and resources. Here are Joseph McGuire's top five tips for divorcing customers:

  • Do your preparation: Make sure you are clear about what you are offering and who you are offering it to.

  • Be adaptable: Don't assume that your initial approach will always work, and be willing to pivot as necessary.

  • Greet with a smile and leave with a smile: Show that you value their business and appreciate the opportunity to work with them.

  • Develop listening skills: Pay attention to what the customer says and how they say it to identify potential issues or concerns proactively.

  • Pay attention to body language: Observing a customer's body language can provide valuable insights.

To Wrap It Up:

Effective communication is critical in business, whether it is in-person or virtual. Nonverbal cues play a significant role in communication, and it's essential to recognise and understand them. By being mindful of just a few visual cues you can communicate more effectively - even in virtual settings.

Whether you have to deliver a sales pitch virtually or part ways with a customer, it can be challenging, but by following the tips above, you can approach the process with confidence and professionalism.


More from Joseph:

Joseph’s tips and advice will teach you about how you can more effectively communicate with your clients in ways you never thought possible. Listen to the full episode for the rest of his great tips. For more from Joseph McGuire, follow this link:


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