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Increase Your Sales and Engagement by Unleashing Your Inner Video Star With Chris Bogue

Increase Your Sales and Engagement by Unleashing Your Inner Video Star With Chris Bogue


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How To Move Away From The Cold Call and Start Using Video

[09:10] Tips For Getting Comfortable In Front Of A Camera

[15:47] How To Engage With The Right Audience

[21:19] Where You Should Utilize Video In Your Business


Chris Bogue is a writer, a video coach, a sales wiz and believe it or not, a specialist in sketch comedy. Talk about a multi talented genius. He's been helping people like you and me sound natural and truly intelligent on camera. Well, at least I hope I do.  He helps bring out the best of your abilities and adds a pinch of fun to the whole thing.


With Chris's unique improv based approach to content creation and sales, you'll learn how to be direct, supportive, and entertaining all at the same time. His mantra? Be authentic, be engaging, and most importantly, be yourself. Because that's what your audience will connect with the most. 


Why might you want to do more video?

Well, If you can help elevate your engagement online, and if you can get an increase in that engagement, you could generate some extra sales or leads. Then that might be why. So in this episode, Chris also talks about how to include videos into your sales process away from social media.


This isn't just about going viral on LinkedIn or TikTok or Instagram or wherever. So stick with us because we're about to embark on an unforgettable ride with Chris including how to get comfortable in front of a camera, where you should utilise video in your business and much more.


This is just a sneak peak at just one area we spoke about on today's episode, so make sure to tune in to hear all about Chris’ video mastery!

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